One of the challenges in the modern Jiu Jitsu is the artful skill of Manscaping. It is finding the challenging balance between Sphinx smooth, that just screams pre-pubescent boy and Wookie.

Take for instance my chest. It seems like pilgram hairs on my chest have slowly been journeying out from the twin towns of nipple to form one big nation. Now some of those hairs have headed south. At the same time the hairs located at Belly Button Central have decided to expand North. Eventually those two nations will meet.

Rolling with the hairy guy :(

On the mat do I want to wear an angora chest cardigan? Nobody likes rolling with a guy who looks like he's smuggling a small endangered critter in his jacket. So you have to keep that thing manscaped.

The trouble with chest topiary is as you start to trim up the landscape you've got to pick a setting. Sure a number 2 all over will say, yup I've gone through puberty and I have quality chest hair. It also says I respect our roll so I'm keeping the forest in check.

The manscaping options

Alternatively some of us get quite wild, we grab our significant others Venus Quad-Blade Lady Razor. Start out on the legs churn through three of those moisturized blades and rip through, arms, legs, chest, back, belly to end up looking like a Spartan Warrior.

That technique is great for about 3 hours and then you get a screaming five'o clock shadow all over. So you consider waxing. That my friend is no place for a gentleman, every lady has a secret desire to relish a mans pain of waxing. In the same way we battle Man Flu. I'm pretty sure that waxing for men is always way more painful than ladies....don't do it. Ladies sense blood in the water and look for a grimace of pain.


So we get back to the Manscapery that seems so necessary in Jiu Jitsu. Keep a little of the landscape. Enough to say Man, not enough to say Bear. The last thing your partner wants is a big sweaty thicket of chest hair slammed up on their face.


  • Yea This is definitely a tohcuy subject with many people.I have seen grown ups act like 3 year olds when it comes to wanting to get ranked before their time. As well as the purple belt who still wears a white belt due to being held back and not given their deserved belt.In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I say When you are ready, you will be promoted.It is unlike every other style out there due to the time and proficiency required for promotion. Show me another art that requires on average 10-12 years of regular, consistent training and growth to reach Black Belt.Unlike many of the stand up arts that have been (in my opinion) bastardized by the Western Mindset of pay me and I will promote you, in BJJ that is just not possible.And for that, I respect it that much more.Back in the day, about 13 years ago when I was one of the first teaching BJJ I used to tell my beginning students to not worry about rank. When they were ready for Blue Belt, I would let them know.That was how it was for me. We did not have traditional testing back then. After you had been there long enough and were consistently beating everyone else your rank, you were told to go get your next belt and come to the appropriate classes.This way, you would focus on what was important Training, getting better and learning new moves, set-ups, strategies, etc I say relax with the thought of promotion, pretend there are no such thing as belts and you are only there to learn and grow every time.In this way We relax and let it flow

    Posted by Ronnie on March 07, 2015

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