Caio Terra Online Training Review

As a special treat to myself at Christmas I decided to sign up for the new Caio Terra Online training. I'm going through a kind of shop around phase at the moment, having only just finished up with my Mendes Bros training last week (you can read the review the Mendes Bros Online training here ) so I thought I would give this one a bash. Caio Terra is one of my favourite BJJ players at the moment and I have found his apps really easy to learn from. 

First Impressions

On first signing up and logging in to the site there is an element of familiarity to the Mendes Bros site. Caio uses a drop down system for categorising the techniques in much the same was as the Mendes site, which makes finding the techniques you are after pretty straight forward. 

The most impressive thing I noticed on first checking out the site was the fact that the lesson plans (shown above as No Gi Open Guard, Feet to Feet Position) are listed not just as a single move, but as a series of videos when you click through to that page. These videos list the myriad of options from that position, counters, counters to counters etc etc so you can not just master a certain move, but also the various spin off's possible from that position to truly master it. This I think, is really important in terms of truly getting to know a specific area, so good start there Caio ;)


Quality wise they have a few issues to iron out. Video quality is not as high as the Mendes Bros site though this may be down to the fact that the backdrop isn't as nice rather than an actual lower quality of video. It's your typical gym setting where as the Mendes guys have their fancy gym, so could just be that. The production quality on Caio's apps is excellent, I would love to see him get the site up to that standard. 

Clicking into your profile section you are met with a load of wordpress stuff that doesn't need to be there. I don't care about what colour the menu is or how I can database cache etc etc, they should get this stuff out, it's just a distraction. One good thing I did find in the profile section that is sorely missing on the Mendes site is a button to cancel your membership. With the Mendes site you have to email them and there is a bit of manual work involved, but with Caio Terra Online, you just hit cancel, much easier. 


As the site is brand spanking new I don't want to go on about content too much. The stuff that is on there at the moment is top notch, how could it not be, Caio in my opinion is one of the best teachers out there. There isn't a huge amount up there right now, but I would imagine this will quickly be rectified over the coming months, recording all this stuff must take ages. 


Overall I think the site is pretty cool. It kind of looks like a poor man's Mendes site at the moment but if they clear a few things up it should be top drawer. The most appealing feature for me is how he compiles the moves together into a group series, that way you get a very thorough understanding of the situation in question and can develop a game from there. I will certainly keep my membership for now and try putting into practice what's on here. At $25 per month, it's pretty much in line with most of the online training out there. So let's give it a whirl and see if Caio can help me improve my BJJ.

By Aengus Ryan


  • I’m not a fan of the belt whipping. Each intuosctrr can run their school however they see fit. For me I don’t believe in hazing someone when they achieve the next rank in Jiu-jitsu!

    Posted by Aleksa on March 06, 2015
  • Thanks for the review!

    Posted by Peter on February 02, 2014

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