The BJJ Creonte and bullying

Having recently been involved in a discussing regarding Creonte's on Facebook, I though the whole notion might be worth a little scrutiny. For those of you that don't know, a Creonte is basically someone in BJJ that swaps teams. For whatever reason, this person has decided to up sticks and move somewhere else, thus provoking the ire of their former teammates. However, I see a flaw.....

There are, as many of you will well know, multiple reasons why a person might move club. Relocating to a new town, commuting back to the old club may be impossible. Financial reasons, the old club may have hiked up it's prices rendering it out of your price range. Increased commercialisation of the club, basically becoming a mc dojo, whatever it might be, people often move on. 

There were those on the Facebook discussion that put forth the idea that if a coach puts years of work into a student, then they leave for whatever reason, this may be the factor that gets them labeled as a Creonte. Perhaps, and I could certainly see the reasoning behind the coaches displeasure. 

Bullying in BJJ ???

Personally, the whole things smells a bit too much like bullying for me to be comfortable with it. The overwhelming majority of us that train BJJ are not pro's, are not paid for it and basically do it as a hobby, with varying ranges of enthusiasm, a hobby none the less. I find it odd then that a select group (and I have noticed that it tends to be a select group in a club) that takes it upon themselves to dish out these Creonte labels - you know who you are. Surely if a person is PAYING to attend a club, they are free to decide where the train and move accordingly. This Creonte label seems to conveniently forget that there is money changing hands, the coaches are not training the students for honour, they are doing it because they love the art and want to see it flourish and build a team, though I can understand how the students leaving may leave a bitter taste. 

Both sides of the story

Something like this is always going to be an emotive topic, especially given the bonds that can be forged in physical training. For me, I can see the point of both sides, actually all 3 sides (the coach, the students and the person leaving). From the coaches point of view, they have put work into the student, developed them and quite possible befriended them. For the former classmates, they have a friendship and probably feel a bit put out with being jilted. From the person leaving, they aspire to other things (shorter commute, more affordable training, training with that superstar coach that just opened a new club down the road), what ever it is, people always have their reasons for doing things, it may be more prudent to perhaps enquire as to what they are, rather than resort to this name calling that seems to have been commonly accepted as the 'Creonte' term. 


Ummm, I chose to leave because ...

People always have their reasons for leaving. I think we are better off getting on with our own thing and not getting too caught up in something as negative as calling someone out as being a Creonte. Personally I think not only should we be looking to improve ourselves as martial artists, but also as people. I don't mean in a mythical sitting under a waterfall in Japan type way, I mean just not being an asshole, being polite to people, holding the door open for the next person, getting up on the bus when a pregnant lady gets on etc etc, just being a nicer person. I don't see where calling someone names comes into that equation. 


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