VT1 Gym Review

Located on the picturesque North Shore of Sydney, VT1 Gym has established itself as one of the major players on the Australian BJJ & MMA scene. Roughly 5 minutes drive from the bustling suburb of Chatswood, VT1 draws students from all over the North Shore (and beyond for those not minding a commute).

Full disclosure here, I trained in VT1 for around 5 years while I lived in Australia. When I first arrived in Oz I tried out a few gyms, generally never staying more than a few months, there was something missing. I was in search of that club, like I had back in Ireland, that had that combination of quality training, good coaching and a great atmosphere. It took me quite a while to find it, but when I arrived at VT1, I knew I was home. 

VT1 gym is located in a modern office complex, so none of your dingy basement types here. Everything is super modern and clean, from the high tech reception you scan in at, right up to the mats, boxing ring and cage, it's all quality stuff. The reception area is usually busy with parents waiting on their kids to finish class, with little toddlers scattered around the floor playing with the in house toys, it's very much a family affair. This family theme continues on in to the coaching, where brothers Liam & Dylan Resnekov head up the BJJ and Muay Thai programs respectively. 

There is a huge car park out the back, so parking is both free and super easy. If you are commuting by public transport, jump on the Transport Info site to get the most up to date travel information from your area. 

The atmosphere at the gym is great, it's noticeably different from other gyms I've trained at. Everyone is very friendly, humble and willing to help out. There are no meatheads as these tend to be quickly weeded out and disappear after some 45kg midget submits them repeatedly, not good for the ego. 

If you are a brand new beginner (in either BJJ or Muay Thai, but I will deal with BJJ for the purposes of this blog) you will not find a better gym. VT1's beginner program repeatedly produces excellent quality grapplers through it's structured program. Beginners finish up the program with a really good, thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which prepares them excellently for the next stage in their BJJ journey. Not getting submitted by some recently crowned Blue belt became increasingly difficult as the beginners program improved over the years. 

For the more advanced grappler you will have an abundance of high quality training partners. Apart from the throngs of blue, belts there are lots of purples, an increasing number of browns and in the not too distant future I'm pretty sure we are going to see the first VT1 grown black belts popping through. Seminars happen several times throughout the year by a range of visiting experts and the options of class times are extensive, from day time training to a plethora of evening classes. You can check out timetables for your chosen style here

The quality of coaching at VT1 gym is excellent. Liam has a deep and well thought out knowledge of BJJ and is a top notch coach. A keen observer he offers excellent feedback and anyone watching a class will see that it is conducted in a fun and lighthearted way. 

Overall, if you are looking for a BJJ club in Sydney, you won't find any better than VT1. If you are on the north shore, I wouldn't even look around, just go straight there and get training. 


Additional info:

VT1 Gym Website: www.vt1mma.com.au
Location: Eastern Valley Way, Chatswood, Sydney
Catchment Areas : Chatswood, Forestville, St Leonards, Crowsnest, Mosman, Manly, Roseville, Willoughby, Ryde, North Sydney, Neutral Bay, Cremorne, Brookvale
Classes : BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Krav Maga, MMA, Womens only Kickboxing, Womens only BJJ, Kids Classes, Teens Classes, Bootcamp


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