Team Ryano Review

Ireland's capital plays host to one of the nations best BJJ (and MMA) teams in Team Ryano. Team Ryano is based on Dublin’s North Side, located in Finglas - about a 15 minute drive from the city centre In a brand new location with plenty of parking available, the gym is located on the second floor of an industrial unit.

Team Ryano is one of Ireland's longest running and most successful BJJ and MMA clubs. Andy Ryan is the head coach and one of the first Black Belts in Ireland, who also holds a black belt in Judo in which he represneted Ireland on the international stage. Andy also competes in BJJ and has won gold in the Europeans at Purple (2009) and Brown belt (2010) and gold in the Pan Ams at brown belt in 2011.

As it currently stands (2014) Team Ryano also houses 3 other black belts, 10 brown belts and a multitude of purples and blues, many who have medalled in IBJJF competition. Even though there is a high pedigree of competitors, the majority of members do not compete and are training just to keep fit and stay healthy.

The gym is a BJJ Revolution affiliate under Rodrigo Medeiros who visits Dublin anually.

Team Ryano also has a strong MMA program– it is home to UFC fighter Neil Seery and Cage Warriors fighter Paul Redmond who both help coach in numerous sessions including individual wrestling and boxing classes.

With the large number of members, there is a packed timetable of classes to suit everyones Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA needs. There are classes Monday to Friday at 11am which consist of BJJ and Nogi, coached by Brown and Black belts and the evening classes start at 6 o’clock, so there is plenty of choice for members.

Along with BJJ and MMA classes there is an open mat on Friday 7pm – 8.30, which all clubs are welcome to attend and there is also a sports therapy clinic open on Fridays too, not to mention Strength & Conditioning classes throughout the week.

The gym itself is about 2000sq feet, in which contains a large matted area, a cage and hanging bags. Along with the matted area there is a club shop where members can buy all of the MMA or BJJ equipment they need and also supplements to fuel their workouts.

Membership options vary. Folks can pay drop in rates or pay per month or sign up on standing order – the longer the commitment, the chepaer membership becomes and generally when people start, they are hooked – as is eveident from the amount of members that have been with Team Ryano from the early days.

It is a family orientated club that has members of all ages – one of our oldest members is a purple belt - who's two sons also train and are purple and blue belts respectively and we also have 2 other teenage purple belts.

One of the great things is the fact that a lot of the parents in the gym have enrolled their kids into the ‘Little Ryanos’ program which starts at age 4 and currently runs twice a week. 

Even though there is a high level through out the gym, the one thing that Andy has always tried to do and encourage his instructors to do is treat white belts the same as any other colour. Even though there are ‘superstars’ here, everyone is treated equally and there are no egos. People from all backgrounds train in the gym. This leads to a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere throughout the gym and many friendships have been developed here. At this stage some of the long term members have been training almost a decade together now –as I said previously, it is rare to see folks leave once they join.

Team Ryano is a beginner friendly gym and there are all levels training in the gym, some to just keep fit and build confidence, others with aspirations of fighting in the UFC or winning the Pan Ams – the club caters for all of these goals and has the success stories to prove it.

It is easy to get started - the first session is free, so folks can try the gym out and are under no obligation to sign up on the way out the door (although most do!). 

Article by Dave McConkey*

*Disclosure - I am a Jiu Jitsu Brown belt and coach at Team Ryano – I am actually a long time Training partner of Patches O’Toole and we began our BJJ journey back in a small garage on the North Side of Dublin in 2003.


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